We increase access to Digital Financial Services (DFS) for underserved communities. We have seen how improving people’s access to and usage of DFS alleviates poverty, fosters resilience, and contributes to more inclusive digital economies and the achievement of development outcomes. We work to advance women’s economic empowerment and digital inclusion through research, advisory, and technology designed and developed to close the gender gap and transform the lives of women. We also promote financial inclusion and support humanitarian response.

Why you need Consultant?

Our services focus on increasing access to Digital Financial Services (DFS) for underserved communities, with the overarching goal of fostering financial inclusion, poverty alleviation, and economic empowerment. We recognize the transformative impact that DFS can have on individuals and communities, particularly in underserved areas where traditional banking services may be limited or inaccessible.

To achieve our mission, we offer a range of services aimed at expanding access to DFS and maximizing its benefits for underserved populations:

  1. Research: We conduct research to better understand the needs, preferences, and barriers faced by underserved communities in accessing and using DFS. Our research insights inform the design and implementation of effective interventions and solutions tailored to the specific contexts and challenges faced by these communities.
  2. Advisory: We provide advisory services to governments, financial institutions, and development organizations seeking to promote financial inclusion and expand access to DFS. Our advisory services include strategic planning, policy development, capacity-building, and technical assistance to support the design and implementation of DFS initiatives.
  3. Technology: We develop and deploy technology solutions designed to enhance access to DFS and improve the user experience for underserved populations. This includes the development of digital payment platforms, mobile banking applications, and other fintech solutions that address the unique needs and preferences of underserved communities.
  4. Gender Empowerment: We prioritize gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in our efforts to promote financial inclusion. We design and implement gender-responsive interventions that address the specific barriers faced by women in accessing and using DFS, including limited access to mobile phones, cultural norms, and financial literacy gaps.
  5. Digital Literacy: We offer digital literacy training and education programs to build the skills and knowledge of underserved communities in using DFS effectively and securely. Our training programs cover topics such as mobile banking, digital payments, budgeting, and saving, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions and improve their financial well-being.
  6. Humanitarian Response: We support humanitarian organizations and relief efforts by providing technical expertise and resources to facilitate the delivery of financial assistance and aid to affected populations. Our services help ensure that underserved communities have access to essential financial services during times of crisis and emergencies.

Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to advance financial inclusion, empower underserved communities, and promote sustainable development outcomes. By increasing access to DFS, we contribute to building more inclusive and resilient digital economies that benefit individuals, families, and societies as a whole.